Using Financial Services Planner, Should

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Are you able to take control of your money? Are you able to arrange financing so that salary or income that could have all the needs and requirements sufficient? Can you understand all the investment instruments that need to be entered? Whether you can understand that dibutuhi insurance policy? Whether you can work on and manage your tax obligations more effectively? Whether you can prepare for retirement with a careful and thorough? Is Andamengetahui what needs to be done in preparing a legacy for the heirs with fair and joy, and to avoid disputes in the future?

If the answer is "No" from the questions above, then means you need a Financial Planner (FP). FP A professional will be able to help and serve you in doing the work and financial planning And, so many of your financial goals more easily achieved.

A FP will help you in the following:
1. Arrange and organize and manage cash flow (Cash Flow Management).
2. Build and has a net worth of more productive (Net Worth Management).
3. Choosing and buying insurance products that effectively and efficiently, according to the needs and current capabilities.
4. Investing in multiple investment instruments, which are relatively safe and optimal, in accordance with the character of risk and your financial goals.
5. Designing and enjoying retirement of your dreams, independent, and prosperous.
6. Develop and design heritage more wisely and fairly, in accordance with the wishes of your self.

Like a doctor, a FP will help you to get well and healthy from the threat of financial disease (consumerism and konsumtifisme), and make you as being free and independent in finance. But remember, the process is not instant. Achieving financial goals requires a process and time.

Anyone who needs to FP?
All the people who need help and services in arranging and planning their finances, for a variety of future goals can be achieved.

What is his fee?
Ranging between $ 250 thousand to Rp 2.5 million per hour for financial consulting; Rp 1.5 million - USD $ 3 million for the unit packets Financial Plan, and Rp 5 million - USD 50 million for the Comprehensive Financial Plan.

How to choose an FP?
FP is divided into 2 major groups, namely independent (only the service to clients and not inherent in a financial company) and dependent (embedded in a financial services institutions such as banks or insurance). We have already formed IFPC (Independent Financial Planner Club) to help you distinguish the FP.

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Using Financial Services Planner, Should

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Using Financial Services Planner, Should

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